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Our cookie policy

Published: 20/11/2023Effective start: 20/11/2023Version: 1

Use of Cookies

Optiqueue (559286-3251) uses cookies on our website to optimize our service and make it as easily accessible and user-friendly as possible for you as a visitor of the website. Cookies is also used to customize the website after your personal preferences and store information about your account. A cookie is a text file with small pieces of data that is placed on your device when you visit our website. Cookies are stored on the web-browser you use and can be remembered and retrieved by the website when visiting it. In this Cookie Policy we give you information on what types of cookies we use, why we use certain cookies and how you as a visitor of our website can manage our use of cookies. Types of Cookies Here we describe which types of cookies we use and what is the purpose for using these cookies: Strictly necessary cookies: Strictly necessary cookies are cookies we need to use to make sure that the website displays the correct and complete content and information. These cookies you will not have the possibility to consent to in our cookie banner since the website cannot be displayed correctly without them. Functional cookies: Functional cookies are cookies we use to make sure functions on our website works correctly. These types of cookies are cookies that makes it possible to present the website in the right language, to remember your login-details and to remember the consent you have given us for our use of cookies.

name description

gdpr Consent from users (necessary or all)

NEXT_LOCALE The users language

RefreshToken Used for authentication & security

AccessToken Used for authentication & security

IdToken Used for authentication & security

Data saved in local storage (this is not a cookie)

Used to store active user’s information to e.g., a data in a SignUp-form before sending the data to the server.

Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are used by us to analyse how visitors on our website move around the website and what functions and pages that are the most visited and commonly used. We use these cookies to get more information and insight on how to provide a better customer experience and how we can develop our service. Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are cookies that is placed on your device by us or a third party, that we have accepted, to present relevant marketing adds on our website. The marketing will be based on your interests. Your interests are based on personal information you have added when using the website and you will, based on that information, be put into a category of people which is more likely to have certain interests.

How Long We Store Cookies

Cookies are stored for a different period depending on what kind of cookie it is. There are session cookies which are only stored for a short period, at the longest until you close your web-browser. Other cookies are called permanent cookies and are stored until their expiry date or until you delete them on your own. Responsibility for Cookies Regarding strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies and analytical cookies Optiqueue is always responsible for the cookies that are placed on your device. The cookies that are placed by us are called first party cookies. Regarding marketing cookies, third parties can place cookies on your device and they are therefore called third party cookies. In cases where a third party has placed cookies on your device the third party is responsible for the cookies. To protect your integrity, we at Optiqueue use software that make sure that cookies are only used when visiting our website and are not used to retain information about how you search the web or what websites you visit other than our own. Consent to the Use of Cookies and Withdrawal of Consent When you visit our website, you will be presented with a cookie-banner. In the banner you will have the option to give your consent to our use of cookies, as long as they are not strictly necessary. If you give your consent we will place the cookies named above on your device, including third party cookies. If you reject the use of cookies no cookies, except for strictly necessary cookies, will be used. You can easily withdraw your consent under “Cookies” on our website or by clicking here.

Cookies on Your Browser

If you wish to limit the use of cookies on you can do so by visiting the cookie settings on the web-browser you use. In the cookie settings you will have the possibility to limit the use of cookies and delete cookies that you don’t want to be stored. Please bear in mind that the functionality of the website can be affected by your cookie settings. Contact Information Below you find our contact information. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our use of cookies: Address: Drottninggatan 78, 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden E-mail:

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